Tahzjuan Hawkins Bachelor in Paradise, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Instagram, Birthday, Partner

Tahzjuan Hawkins is certainly a drama queen. And maybe there are some kinds of dramas surrounding her life just like those she creates in Bachelor in Paradise.

I’ll tell you, my friend, there’s a lot to know about Tahzjua. Hopefully, she creates less drama in her professional life as a program specialist. Anyway, today we will take a look at Tahzjuan’s wiki-bio, net worth, partner, birthday, family. And, Instagram, controversy, facts, net worth, salary, and so much more.

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Tahzjuan Hawkins’ Tragic Family Story, Bio

Tahzjuan Hawkins Family Story, Bio

Although Tahzjuan Hawkins was born in Houston, she grew up alongside her sibling in Castle Pines, Colorado. Likewise, born in 1994, Tahzjua celebrates her birthday every year on the 15th of October. Talking about Tahzjuan’s family, there’s not much information known about the woman.

However, even though it’s a little hard figuring out her mother, father’s, and brother’s names. There are some things you should know about her life. She regards her parents as the absolute epitome of happiness and thankfulness. The perfect match she says and she wishes to find a husband and love like theirs.

Furthermore, back on March 6, 2019, Hawkins lost her dad and she’s still sorry that she wasn’t there to hold his hands during his last breathes. Furthermore, her father was also a long-time survivor of Alzheimer’s and we can only imagine how painful must have it been for her family.

Moving on, her mom has always worked hard to make amends for her brother, two dogs, and Tahzjuan herself. However, not much is known about her mom or dad so far. She also lost her beloved grandmother back in 2017.

So I hope she doesn’t have to lose anyone for some of the coming years. She is also very close to her mom and the mom and daughter go shopping quite often.

Full NameTahzjuan Hawkins
BirthdayOctober 15
Relocated to Castle Pines, Colorado
Age27 years old
Zodiac SignLibra

Tahzjuan Hawkins Loves Drama

Tahzjuan Hawkins Loves Drama

The reason Tahzjuan never stays after the first rose in Bachelor in Paradise is that she is a drama queen. Maybe a little toxic as well. And the way she handles situations is not good at all.

For example, you might know the incident when she was in awe due to John Paul Jones. However, another woman named Haley too wanted a date with the man. And you know this is all common, mostly because she is in a dating show.

However, a normal person would try to plan strategies so that they can win the heart of the person they like. But that is not the case with Tahzjuan. Because she instead looks for drama and throws slurs at the other women. So that maybe she could manipulate the other woman to think she isn’t a good fit. And finally winning the hearts of all the men.

Needless to say, her hypocritical behavior turned all the other contestants against her. And she went back home with nothing.

Profession & Net Worth

Tahzjuan Hawkins Profession & Net Worth

Over the years, she’s held a couple of jobs. Tahzjuan worked in Lyft located in Denver. And also worked in another undisclosed place. Furthermore, Tazjuan used to be a program specialist at a company located in Denver.

Currently, she works as an associate real estate broker. Furthermore, she is employed by a place named Real which is a technology-powered brokerage. Moreover, she also works as a freelance business development consultant at a company named Hyper Tattoo.

With that being said, is she a drama queen? Yes! But is she a boss as well? Definitely. So, what’s Hawkins’s net worth and salary? It’s a bummer that we don’t know Tahzjuan’s net worth and salary. But I bet she has a net worth up to or more than $2 million.

ProfessionReality TV Personality, Program Specialist, Real Estate Broker
Net WorthApprox $2 million or more
Residence Castle Pines, Colorado

Education and Academic Credentials

Tahzjuan Hawkins Education and Academic Credentials

Tahjuan completed her high school at a local school located in Colorado. There’s not much information available on her school days. As for Tahjuan’s college days, She studied at The Metropolitan State University of Denver for her Bachelor’s Degree. And graduated in 2015 with a degree in Organizational Communication.

Furthermore, for her masters’ degree, she got admitted to Colorado State University. And got her degree majoring in Business Administration and Management just last year in 2020.

University The Metropolitan State University of Denver- Bachelors
Colorado State University- Masters
Major Organizational Communication
Business Administration and Management

Dating History and Relationships

Tahzjuan Hawkins Dating History and Relationships

Tahzjuan is desperate to find love. But she wants a genuine and long-lasting relationship like her parents. However, she has dated a couple of times after she started appearing in reality TV shows. She dated her boyfriend Tre Cooper, and John Paul Jones Tahzjuan.

Moving on, the thing is, it turns out Tahzjuan has dated Tre’s uncle as well some time back. And that was really awkward as you can tell. Also, I forgot to mention that she once dated a man she was quite all in for. However, later it turned out that the man was actually gay. And her relationship ended before it really got to start. Talking about it, she is single as of now.

But we do hope she finds the best partner for herself, because common, everyone deserves love right?

Marital StatusUnmarried
Sexuality Straight
Former Partner/BoyfriendTre Cooper
John Paul Jones
Relationship StatusSingle
Wedding DateNA

Body Measurements

Tahzjuan Hawkins Body Measurements

Tahjuan Hawkins is such a gorgeous woman with flawless skin and body. With that being said, Tahjuan is a black beauty who stands 5 feet and 7 inches, 1.70 meters tall. Moving on, Tahjuan’s weight is unknown. As for her body measurements, she’s quite a fit for a model’s position. Her bust is 35 inches, her waist is 28 inches, and her hips are 37 inches.

Moving on, Tahjuan has a tattoo somewhere in her body that says “I love bad ideas.” In her case, the bead idea she mentions is the drama she creates with her competitors. And if she wants a partner that she hops for, she should stop letting the bad ideas consume her. As for Tahjuan’s hair, it’s black in color and she has dark brown eyes.

Height  5 ft 7 in (1.70m)
Weight NA
Body Measurements (chest, waist, hip) 35, 28, 37
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Tattoo 1 of a quote I love bad ideas.

Awards and Achievements

Tahzjuan Hawkins Awards and Achievements

Since Tahzjuan Hawkins is a reality TV star, I believe they don’t have award functions. Or I can be wrong as well. But whatever the case, the beauty is yet to receive a formal award. And talking about her achievements, you all know the young woman Tahzjuan has made quite progress in life so far. So I guess we can count that as her awards.


Social Media Presence

Tahzjuan Hawkins Social Media Presence
Instagram @tahzjuan
FacebookTahzjuan Hawkins



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