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Melissa Lucio is a Latina woman who is about to be executed by the state of Texas for capital murder. Lucio was found guilty of murdering her own daughter who was only two years old. Even though she has been proved guilty of her crimes, the whole world has been against the law for her execution and signed for a second justice.

The Latino is of Hispanic descent and the only one in the state of texas to be executed by the end of April. Lucio’s case has been made into a documentary name ” The State of Texas Vs Melissa”. It might seem so unreal for her own mother to kill her own daughter.

The mother of fourteen children is now being in death row for the allegations of murdering her own daughter. In her previous trials, the jury found her guilty but now, some of the members are doubtful. The reason for arresting Lucio for her daughter’s death was the scars on the little girl’s body.

If you would like to know more about this woman who has faced the execution sentence, please continue to read the article.

Brief Information on Melissa Lucio: Wiki her Personal Details

Breif Information on Melissa Lucio : Wiki her Personal Details
NameMelissa Elizabeth Lucio
Height5 Feet 2Inches
Weight77 Kgs
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Date of Birth18 July 1968
Age54 Years
Zodiac SignCancer
SchoolLocal School in Texas
College and UniversityNot Known
Education QualificationNot Known
DegreeNot Known
CastElizabeth Lucio
AddressLubbock, Texas
Marital StatusIn relationship
Spouse / Partners nameRobert Antonio Alvarez
Children nameFourteen children including her dead daughter, Mariah Alvarez
SiblingsDiane, Sonya and Rene
PetNot Known
Net WorthNot Available

Melissa Lucio: Childhood Life of the Capital Murder Explained

Melissa Lucio: Childhood Life of the Capital Murder Explained

The convicted woman for capital murder was born in Texas on July 18, 1969, as per the documentary series. There is not much known about her childhood life other than the fact that she was very poor. Lucio had other siblings and was raised by a single mother. Moreover, as per her documentary, she stated that she was abused by her mother’s boyfriend Kelo.

Even though Melissa confronted her mother about the molestation, her mother ignored her considering she was small. As per Lucio, the molesting started when she was only seven years old. Other than this, Diane who is her elder sister of Lucio identifies her as a quiet and calm girl.

Regarding her education, there is no information about where she studied. But, it has been drawn to the public’s attention that Lucio married really early. According to Diane, the major reason behind her early marriage at the age of 16 was to escape childhood. In addition to this, Lucio added that she never felt loved in her family and married young.

When Melissa was only 24 years old, she already had five children. Guadalupe Lucio who is the first husband of Melissa has no role in her life now. Currently, she lives with Robert Antonia Alvarez who seems to be her second husband and is also the father of late Mariah.

How Old is Melissa Lucio? Birthdate, Age, Zodiac Sign and Personality Identified

How Old is Melissa Lucio? Birthdate, Age, Zodiac Sign and Personality Identified

Well, this case of capital murder has gained popularity nationally as well as internationally. Some professionals of Law consider that this is a weakly handled case. If you have already seen the documentary, you might realise everything which seems to be wrong in defending her. Another point would be her age; Wikipedia has enlisted her birthdate as 18 July 1968 whereas the documentary mentions she was born on 18 June 1969.

If we take the State of Texas Vs Melissa as a reliable source, she belongs to the Gemini sign. Talking about her personality, she is a very caring and calm woman. As stated by her family, she was very different from her other siblings, she always kept quiet and never had any disagreements. Even her children confessed that their mother never disciplined her by physical abuse but she used to put them in a corner. Given that, she used drugs, she locked herself in the restroom until she calmed herself down.

How Tall is the Latina, Melissa Lucio? Height and Weight Explained

How Tall is the Latina, Melissa Lucio? Height and Weight Explained

Lucio who used to work as a janitor had no prior records of criminality before her sentence to execution. This case is seen as very unjustifiable by the entire law community. However, due to her sentence, her information is exclusively shared by the state of Texas. Lucio doesn’t meet the average height of women; she is very little. As per the data, Melissa Lucio is only 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Looking at her pictures, we can identify that she is overweight. Lucio is over 77 kgs or 170 lbs .The native of texas uses drugs very often and has been tested for cocaine earlier in her criminal offence. Naturally, she has brown hair and almost no eyebrow.

Lucio likes to draw eyebrows as seen in her photos. The Hispanic woman who lived in Lubbock county has brown eyes but unfortunately, if there is no re-trial, her face will be missed and condolences will be sent to her family and relatives.

Relationship Status of Melissa Elizabeth Lucio: Who is her Husband or Boyrfriend.

Relationship Status of Melissa Elizabeth Lucio: Who is her Husband or Boyrfriend.

As mentioned earlier, the government of texas has released information about her as she has been sentenced to execution by the end of April. However, there are no huge details on her relationship. If we review her documentary, we can track that she married Mr Lucio when she was only 16 years old. However, we cannot exactly say how many children did she have with him.

However, meanwhile, she is with Mr Alvarez. Even in the details shared by police, he is listed as her co-dependent. Robert and Melissa had been living together with their nine children. We assume that the rest of the children had already been married or moved to another home. Other than the mentioned information, we do not know much about their marital relationship.

What is the Net Worth of the Criminal of Capital Murder? Earning of Melissa Lucio

What is the Net Worth of the Criminal of Capital Murder ? Earning of Melissa Lucio

It must have been clear that Melissa was living in poverty since she was born. She always had financial problems along with her drug use. Lucio was working as a janitor before she was arrested. Moreover, in the documentary, we can see that her children were eating in a restaurant that provided food for the poor.

Her children were attending the local school and they lived in an apartment with at most two-bedroom. The rooms or the environment that she was raising was not up to a code. So, we can say that she actually had no attractive earnings. She was making just enough money to feed her children and for her addiction.

Family of Melissa Lucio: Who are her Parents and Children?

Family of Melissa Lucio: Who are her Parents and Childrens ?

Let’s not forget that Melissa has a huge family who are very tight-knit. Lucio was raised by a single mother and her boyfriend who molested her since she was only 7 years old. Her mother, Esperanza Elizabeth was referred to as hope and was living with her boyfriend Kelo.

We cannot assure how many siblings she had but as per the documentary, she was raised with two sisters and a brother. Out of everyone, Lucio was the first to marry and leave the house. As per Lucio, she wanted to get rid of her childhood and find love.

Diane, Sonya and Rene are her siblings who are very close to her. They have cried in the film for how the government handled the case. Besides them, she has fourteen children out of which one child named Mariah Alvarez died at the age of two. The eldest daughter, Daniella has already been married and children of her own. She expressed her huge respect for her mom and how she has inspired her to have children.

Quick Facts on Melissa Lucio

Quick Facts on Melissa Lucio
  • Lucio was molested by her mother’s boyfriend Kelo when she was seven years old.
  • Lucio’s case of capital murder is considered the weakest case some professionals have ever studied.
  • Melissa is the mother of fourteen children out of which one is already dead when she was only two years old.
  • Lucio was arrested on the allegation of killing her two-year-old daughter, Mariah Alvarez.
  • Melissa was interrogated by texas police for 5 hours without food and water until she admitted that she killed her daughter.
  • This case is filled with a lot of politics and poorly handled by the defence attorney.
  • The renowned Kim Kardashian asked for the governor of Texas to grant mercy to Ms Lucio.