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Marine Le Pen is popularly known by her initials MLP is a French politician. With the elections in France, Pen is highly being researched for her vision and principles. In addition to being a politician, she is also a lawyer. Currently, Marine is the President of the National Rally.

Prior to entering this party, she served on the National Front. Pen has been serving as a member of the national assembly since 2017. Her principles might not be appealing to most people as she is against immigrants and fights for protecting native people.

Similar to her, her parents were also into politics. The 53-year old Le Pen has been in this field since 1986 when she joined FN. Marine has a very descriptive profile as she is an essential delegate of France. Moreover, her standards and principle are unlike many politicians. Even though many people are not in favour of her vision, the voting polls have fluctuated over the days.

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Personal Information of Marine Le Pen: Wiki Her Details

Personal Information of Marine Le Pen: Wiki Her Details
NameMarion Anne Perrine ” Marine” Le Pen
NicknameMarine Le Pen
ProfessionFrench Politician, French Lawyer
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight60 Kgs
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorDyed Blonde
Date of Birth5 August 1968
Age53 Years
Zodiac SignLeo
SchoolLycée Florent Schmitt
College and UniversityPanthéon-Assas University
Education QualificationGraduate
DegreeMaster of Laws
Master of Advanced Studies in Criminal Law
ReligionRoman Catholic
CastLe Pen
AddressLa Celle-Saint-Cloud
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse / Partners nameFranck Chauffroy (m.1995- div. 2000)
Eric Lorio(m.2002- div. 2008)
Children nameJehanne, Louis and Mathilde
ParentsJean-Marie Le Pen and Pierrette Lalanne
SiblingsYann Caroline and Marie Caroline
PetNot Known
Net Worth$850,000

Bio of Marine Le Pen: Childhood and Journey of the French Politician

Bio of Marine Le Pen: Childhood and Journey of the French Politician

Although the politician is seen as if her childhood was happy, she had a threatful life. She went through baptism for salvation and for religious purposes when she was less than a year. Jean-Marie Le Pen who is a Breton politician is her father. Along with this, Mr Pen also served as a paratrooper. Pierrette Lalanne who is the mother of Marine left her when she was a teenager.

Marine was born on 5 August 1968 and is a French Native. Earlier to being a politician she was a lawyer. She mastered criminal law and is registered at the Bar Association of Paris. However, she left her law journey in 1998 after joining the National Front’s legal department.

At the age of 18, she joined National Front and was chosen for Regional Councillor in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. After that she head-on to become president of Generations Le Pen in 2000. Soon, she was one of the members of the FN executive committee. Marine also managed campaigns for her dad when he ran for president in 2006.

From taking a lead in the FN to de-demonisation and becoming a member of the European Parliament (MEP), she achieved success through her strategies. After her resignation from MEP, she was re-elected to lead National Rally which had no other competition.

Currently, Marine is heading for her third presidential campaign. She has a belief that immigration is not a positive thing and multiculturalism has failed. She is not entirely against immigration but wants to reform laws to exclude illegal immigration.

How Tall is the President of the National Rally? Height and Weight of Marine Le Pen

How Tall is the President of the National Rally? Height and Weight of Marine Le Pen

The French President is quite a strong politician; she started her career in politics at a very early age. Marine has known all the tricks of politics and has a very clear principle about where the country should head. Along with her mind, her physique is also attractive. Marine Le Pen is expected to be around 5 feet 7 inches tall which is an average height for women.

The President of the National rally who appears to be very jolly in her pictures is also healthy. It is shocking how she manages time to remain so fit; she spends so much time on campaigns and in between political meetings. There is no information if she engages herself in any physical activity or exercise. Marine is expected to be around 60 kgs which is a considerable weight for her height.

As she is in her late 50s’, she kind of shows some signs of elderly through her skin. Despite this, her beautiful natural grey eyes overshadow her age. Marine seems to have naturally black hair but she has dyed it blonde. We do not have any data on her body measurement but looking at her picture she has a good physique.

Social Media Platform of The French Politician: What is Marine Le Pen’s Instagram Username?

Social Media Platform of The French Politician: What is Marine Le Pen's Instagram Username?

There is no doubt that the politician who has spent most of her life fighting for legal rights and reforming new laws for the country is popular. It is important for a politician to maintain a good public figure and so has she done. If you want to follow the National Rally President, you can search her on Instagram at @marine_lepen.

At a glance on her social media, we can see smiles all over her feed. There are a lot of recent pictures relating to her campaign. In addition to this, we can also explore her travelling pictures and her love for her native culture. As her party’s principal, she showcases her deep love for french natives in her profile.

Talking about her followers, Pen has around 226k people following her on Instagram. She is already verified on her Instagram account along with Twitter. Currently, Marine is following only 74 users and has over 900 posts on her social media.

If you want to follow the potential president of France on her social media platform, please click the link below

InstagramMarine Le Pen
TwitterMarine Le Pen

Relationship Status of Marine Le Pen: Who is her Husband?

Relationship Status of Marine Le Pen: Who is her Husband?

Unlike her political career, her love journey has remained unstable. The public servant was only 27 years old when she married a businessman Franck Chauffroy. Mr Chauffroy was also working for National Front as a business executive during that time. However, after five years and three children, they were divorced.

After two years of divorce, she married the former national secretary of the NF and her previous advisor in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Unfortunately, that marriage also didn’t last long and was divorced after four years. The couple doesn’t share any children.

The longest relationship she had was with Louis Aliot. Mr Aliot was the former vice president of the National Front as well as served as general secretary. it is rumoured that she had an affair with him before she got a divorce from Eric Lorio. The relationship has also ended as of 2019 and Marine seems no longer interested in romance and love; she is concentrated on presidential campaigns.

Marine Le Pen as a Politician: Which Party Does She Belong to?

Marine Le Pen as a Politician: Which Party Does She Belong to?

As mentioned earlier, the French politician commenced her journey with the National Front. She served in the party for more than two decades. She has been into a lot of controversies for her thoughts and principles. Marine has gone against the utilization of streets for Muslim prayers. Later, it was protected as a freedom of expression.

Later, she led the National Front with a policy of De-demonisation of the party which excluded her father from the party. The party later known as Front National elected her as the president and is still serving as an ex-officio member along with seven others.

She has fought in two presidential campaigns to date but couldn’t win the votes of many people. In 2017, she was a member of parliament but later resigned. Currently, she has been re-elected as a president for the National rally and is continuing her third presidential campaign.

What is the Net Worth of The French Politician? Earnings and Salary of Marine Le Pen Explored

What is the Net Worth of The French Politician? Earnings and Salary of Marine Le Pen Explored

There is not much information on the net worth of the politician. However, during her presidential election in 2017, she revealed that her net worth amounted to $755,000. This might not seem much for the public servant who has to spend her most life in politics but the rewards come after they are retired.

When it comes to her assets, she has invested in real estate with a value of $700,000. During her previous election, Pen didn’t have her own car or her savings account as mentioned by her. However, on this date, it is estimated that she has a striking net worth of around $850,000.

Family Information of Marine Le Pen? Parents, Children and Siblings Identified

Family Information of Marine Le Pen? Parents, Children and Siblings Identified

The politician who has almost the same principle as the former president of the United States of America has dedicated herself to this field for a longer period of time. Marine Le Pen with the influence of her father started to engage in politics as a teenager.

Pen was raised as a Roman Catholic by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen and mother Pierrette Lalanne. Ms Lalanne left her when she was only 16 years old and that memory has haunted her to date. Marine has also reflected on this separation in her autobiography. Besides this, she has other two elder sisters; there is no information about their life.

Other than this, the French politician is divorced two times and has three children from her first marriage. Jehanne, Louis and Mathilde are the names of her children and they live with her. The strong politician hasn’t revealed much information about her kids.

Quick Facts on Marine Le Pen

Quick Facts on Marine Le Pen
  • Marine Le pen was raised as a Roman Catholic and was baptised before she was 1 year old.
  • Henri Botey was her godfather was one of her father’s relatives.
  • Earlier in 1976, there was a bombing outside the apartment where she lived; fortunately, none of the family members was harmed.
  • Earlier to becoming a politician, she was a criminal lawyer.