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The social activist and American author bell hooks have written more than thirty books. bell hooks are actually named Gloria Jean Watkins. Furthermore, she borrowed her nickname from her great-grandmother.

The author uses her nickname bell hooks in all small caps in order to grab the attention of the readers. She also mentioned that she does it to respect her great-grandmother.

Besides writing books, she is famous for her feminism. Watkins has also remained a professor. Her intuitions and knowledge are extremely famous. Her scholarly articles and books have been a base for many documentary movies.

Even though she has already passed away, her books also enlighten many readers. The contribution made by bell hooks is still recalled by many scholars and is a reference.

Profile Details of bell hooks

Profile Details of bell hooks
NameGloria Jean Watkins
Nicknamebell hooks
ProfessionAuthor, Professor and Social Activist
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Date of Birth25 September 1952
Date of Death15 December 2021
Age69 Years
Zodiac SignLibra
SchoolHopkinsville High School
College and UniversityStanford University and University of Wisconsin- Madison
Education QualificationGraduated
DegreeDegree in Arts
EthnicityAfrican- American
AddressNot Applicable
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse nameNot Applicable
Children nameNone
ParentsRosa Bell Watkins and Veodis Watkins
SiblingsAngela Watkins, Valeria Watkins, Gwenda Watkins, and Theresa Watkins
PetNot Known
Net Worth$15 million

Books Published by bell hooks

Books Published by bell hooks

Gloria educated us with her poems prior to publishing books. Her first poem was And There We Wept. She was only 26 years old when she started to bless us with her intellectual.

hooks then published her book in 1981. The book is still one of her notable works in many. The book was named Ain’t I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism. The book expresses racism and the movement for civil rights.

Later she published another book based on feminism theory. The language of the book was french. The publication date was 1984. This book is also one of her remarkable works. Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center focused on the importance of herself in society.

Likewise, her other publications in 2000 are also noteworthy works. She perfectly wrote the words that helped to shape the thoughts of people. Even more, she has written a book based on Love. All About Love: New Visions explains the differences between how women and men love.

If you want to read more of her books, you can head towards The website comprises all her work from 1978 to 2018. bell hooks have remained a social activist throughout her life.

Writing has been a way of expressing her thoughts and creates an impact on society by addressing important facts.

Has bell hooks been married? Husband Details

Has bell hooks been married? Husband Details

Gloria Jean Watkins aka bell hooks has achieved a whole lot of success in her entire life. However, she hasn’t succeeded in her love life. Even more, bell expressed herself as queer-pas-gay.

She has confused the entire world with her identity. Her sexual presentation to herself is controversial to many. In fact, she has even described her meaning to it.

Accordingly, pas means not in french and that translates to queer, not gay. Back in 2014, she explained in a discussion panel that the word was made up with her colleagues.

hooks described queer as about belongingness to a community rather than about sexual partners. As mentioned bell hooks have never been married, she did have some past relationships.

Apparently, she had a partner for seventeen years. She has mentioned her partner in her books. The book was focused on romantic love named All About Love: New Visions.

Is bell hooks dead? Reasons about her death

Is bell hooks dead? Reasons about her death

Unfortunately, bell hooks left the world at the age of 69. Even though she has left us an enormous amount of knowledge to be intelligent, her writing is missed by her readers.

The social activist died due to kidney failure. She was in her home in Kentucky when she passed away. The death news was passed along by her niece and sister through Twitter.

Many of her readers gave condolence to her family and tweeted her achievements of her. In fact, the main reason being writing for Gloria is to heal people and she created an impact for her readers.

Although the readers will no longer have access to her new thoughts, her other works are an inspiration to many readers and will remain one of the greatest authors in the world.

Family Information of bell hooks

Family Information of bell hooks

As mentioned earlier, bell hooks is her nickname that she borrowed from her Great-Grandmother. She has mentioned this in one of her writings. Based on that fact, she seems to be very respectful towards Bell Blair Hooks.

Likewise, it is very assumable that there was a dark time in the history of America when she was born. Racism and slavery were still continued. This might be the main reason behind her strong writings.

Ms. Watkins was raised in a small town in Kentucky. She lived with her parents and other five siblings in Hopkinsville. Veodis Watkins who is the father of Gloria used to work as a janitor whereas her mother served as a maid in a white family.

Talking about her childhood, she grew up in a rich society where she learned to create an impact for a better tomorrow for the racial background as hers. All of her siblings are well educated and have created names for themselves.

Does bell hooks Have a Twitter Account?

Does bell hooks Have a Twitter Account?

It appears that bell hooks has been hidden away from social media platforms. There are no accounts found under her name. She is mostly referenced to Twitter with her hashtag.

However, in 2010 a fan page was made on Twitter under her name. The account holder appears to be her fan and friend. The account has a follower of almost 146k and is following only a few users.

Maybe Gloria used her writing and creative skills to write a book or an article rather than sharing it on social media.

Children’s of bell hooks

Children's of bell hooks

Given that she has not been ever married in her life, bell hooks doesn’t have any children of her own. However, the author has spent her life writing children’s books.

The professor has also gained a number of nonbiological children through her profession as a professor. Furthermore, more of the young readers view her as a parent.

Some Facts about bell hooks

  • The author has written more than thirty books which are handwritten by herself.
  • She is very much interested in the buddhisim culture.
  • Most of her works are influenced by Paulo Freire.
  • She has a big family and refers herself as a queer-pas-gay.