Sarah Steagall Big Brother, Bio, Instagram, Birthday, Height, Boyfriend, Twitter, Hometown

The Boiling Springs, South Carolina native Sarah Steagall is very pretty, quirky, sweet, and self-driven. Her looks describe her personality pretty well. So, you won’t have a hard time trying to figure her out. 

She’s someone who likes going with the flow because she knows how chaotic life is. And doing her best while still going with the flow is one of her best traits. Anyway, there’s a lot to learn about this gorgeous woman. And we cannot fit it all in the introduction.

So, let’s see what we’ll be knowing about Sarah Steagall. Starting with her bio, birthday height, Instagram, Twitter, hometown, profession, net worth, relationship, and a lot more, So, with no other delay, let’s get the article started. 

Sarah Steagall is a Scientist

Sarah Steagall is a Scientist

We’re starting this article with Sarah’s profession because I find it pretty fascinating. So I guess, you guys will too. I was pretty shocked when Sarah revealed that she worked as a chemist and a forensic scientist. 

Although there are lots of other things such as fashion, and sewing that Sarah enjoys, she also has an immense love for Chemistry as a kid. And safe to say, among all those interests, Chemistry is what caught her attention the most. And she turned her hobby into a passion, later turning her passion into her profession. 

I mean, she has a lot of options for her profession if not a Chemist and a Scientist. Sarah actually loves anime and she cosplays a lot. And if you’ve seen the woman cosplay, you know that she’s a professional. But, she just pursues it as a hobby. 

She could earn as a professional cosplayer, but Chemistry is what won her over. Would you call her a nerd? 

ProfessionForensic Scientist, Chemist
Net WorthNA

Net Worth

Knowing about one’s profession is never enough. Net worth and salary are an important part of a celebrity’s bio. So, let’s see what’s Sarah’s income. But I have to disappoint you in regards to this context. There’s no lead on what Sarah’s net worth and salary might look like. 

But, we are looking into it. And, you’ll be informed as soon as possible. So, make sure to come back and check this space again in the future for more detailed and added information on Sarah Steagall. 

Some Sarah Steagall Facts

Some Sarah Steagall Facts

Before we get into Sarah’s personal information. Let’s get to see some of the interesting facts about Steagall that you might not know about. One thing I want to address is, Sarah had it hard struggling with a speech impediment. And she’s a brave girl and we’re really proud of her.  

  • Sarah’s biggest pet peeve is cold places and places with ants. 
  • Big Brother’s star Sarah is bisexual and claims that she has a girlfriend. But, many people believe that Srah is lying. 
  • Sarah has a phobia of butterflies. 
  • As mentioned above, Sarah loves anime. Hence, she wants to learn more about Japanese culture. So, she is now studying the Japanese language. 

Motto of Life

I personally never had a motto for my life. But I do believe in going with the flow. Because going with the flow makes it easy for me to manage my life than it is when  I stress about it. But apparently, every Big Brother cast has one of each that they take while heading into the house. And, as for Sarah, her Motto of life is, 

Life is chaotic and mostly out of your control, so just do your best!

Bio, Age, Birthday, and Family

Sarah Steagall's Bio, Age, Birthday, and Family

Sarah was born and raised in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. Holding American nationality in hand, she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, she celebrates her birthday every year on August 9. And she was born to her father and mother in 1993. Hence, her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Moving on, Sarah was born to her parents, father Benjamin Edison Steagall Jr., and mother Trina Wonick Steagall. Furthermore, Sarah has one sibling, a brother named Benjamin Paul. A quiet heads up, won’t it make her brother Benjamin the third? 

Jokes aside, Sarah had quite a difficult childhood. Not due to her struggling family or lack of attention from her parents. But, due to Sarah not being able to talk until the age of 7. Moving on, as of 2021, Sarah’s age is 27 years. There’s not much to reveal on her personal information because Sarah is pretty much low-key. And she is all about maintaining a low profile. 

Full NameSarah Beth Steagall
MomTrina Wonick Steagall
DadBenjamin Edison Steagall Jr
SiblingsBenjamin Paul
BirthdayAugust 9
BirthplaceBoiling Springs, South Carolina, USA
Age27 years 
Zodiac SignLeo

Education and Academic Credentials 

Sarah Steagall's Education and Academic Credentials 
School Chagrin Falls High School
University NA University

Relationship, and Dating Life

Sarah Steagall's Relationship, and Dating Life

You did just read above that Sarah has a girlfriend right? Yes, she claims that she is bisexual and that she has a girlfriend. But for some reason, people think that she’s lying about her relationship in order to win Big Brother. 

But, we’ve all seen how honest and open Sarah is about her sexuality. So, I think even out of respect, she wouldn’t lie about having a girlfriend. It would kind of mean mocking the LQBTQ+ community. And Sarh is a part of that community. And in fact, she adores that community. 

Therefore, I’d like to conclude that Sarah is in a relationship with her girlfriend. And her partner’s name is Shelly. Also, Shelly plays a huge part in helping Sarah come out to her family. And, she doesn’t have any children as of 2021. 

Marital StatusUnmarried
Sexuality Bisexual
Former Partner/ BoyfriendNA
Girlfriend’s NameShelly
Wedding DateNA

Guilty For Being Bi

Sarah Steagall Guilty For Being Bi

Sarah opened up about her coming out story and revealed that she felt guilty for not being straight. Also, she opened up saying how grateful she is for having a really accepting family despite living in a religious environment. So, Sarah feels entitled to feel guilty because she knows her family is hurt a little. And if she could, she just wants to date a man but she has a girlfe=riend instead making her even more guilty. 

Likewise, she said, 

“I know I’m still on a journey for myself because of how I was raised, and, you know, what society has told me. I’m still personally working through the prejudices that were put into my head. Even though I am a bisexual woman, and even though I know what I believe is right, I still have to not only accept myself but make sure I’m also accepting everybody else.”

Body Measurements and Physical Appearance

Sarah Steagall's Body Measurements and Physical Appearance

Sarah’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches, 1.62 meters tall. Likewise, her weight is 51 kg,  112.4 lbs. Furthermore, Sarah’s body measurements are unknown. Her hair is brown and her eye color is also brown. Likewise, Sarah has no tattoo on her body for now. 

But, we will make sure to update you as soon as there is any kind of added info on Sarh. So, I have to once again as you to come back and check this space again in the future. 

Height 5 ft and 4 in, 1.62 m
Weight 51 kg,  112.4 lbs
Body Measurements (chest, waist, hip) NA
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Tattoo None

Social Media Presence

Sarah Steagall's Social Media Presence
Instagram NA