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The dangerous and life-threatening sex offender Paul Robson has covered the news after he flew from prison. Mr Robson was life imprisoned in 2000 for attempting rape and assault. Paul has a label in the criminal history in the United Kingdom.

This white man is declared by the police to be very threatening to the public and was then sentenced to life. The Newcastle born criminal is said to escape the jail through a bathroom window of women’s house.

Moreover, the court has said that he is a high risk to others and cause injury or death. In general, he was imprisoned for his sex offence. However, he has now been arrested after the widened search of police. As a matter of fact, he was reported to be missing on 13 February 2022 and as of 17 February he has been caught by police after continuous search.

Personal Details of Paul Robson : Wiki his details

Personal Details of Paul Robson : Wiki his details
NamePaul Robson
NicknamePaul Robson
Famous For Sex Offender and Assaulter
HeightEstimated 5 feet 7 inches
WeightNot Known
Body SizeNot Known (Slim)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBald
Date of BirthNot Known
Age56 Years
Zodiac SignNot Known
SchoolNot Known
College and UniversityNot Known
Education QualificationNot Known
DegreeNot Known
ReligionNot Known
AddressLife Imprisonment in Lincolnshire
Marital StatusNot Known
Spouse nameNot Known
Children nameNot Known
ParentsNot Known
SiblingsNot Known
PetNot Known
Net WorthNot Known

Bio of the Sex Offender Paul Robson: Case and Imprisonment

Bio of the Sex Offender Paul Robson: Case and Imprisonment

As explained earlier, Robson was imprisoned for life in 2000. As per the judge, he was a menace to females. This offender has committed similar crimes in past and was sentenced to life so that this behaviour would be stopped.

He went out of prison to attack women and girls of any age. Shockingly, he also threatened eight years old. For the previous five times, he has been denied parole and was locked in open prison recently.

Robson fell under the category D open prison last February but the actions were implemented only in January 2022. Earlier he was notified to be imprisoned for 5 years and after his release, he threatened a 23-year-old with a knife. Similarly, his freedom was also subject to extension after he was involved with another prison mate.

Family of the criminal Paul Robson : Parents, Marriage, Children Details

Unfortunately, there was no information about his family information. As his personal information is now subject to national security, his details are missing. Even sources have no information about this offender. The 56-year old is normally expected to be married but there is no such news relating to it.

Similarly, his children are not known. Moreover, confirmation of him having a child is also unknown to the public. Police reports or media hasn’t covered any news relating to his personal life. We are also not able to find the exact information about the criminal’s profile.

As Paul is in his mid 50’s, he is unsure to know about his parents. Noone of his trial included his family members or the involvement of his relatives are also not known throughout his years of committing a crime. In this case, it was difficult for the police to find him after his successful escape for 4 days.

Instagram Profile of Assasulter : Paul Robson’s Social Media Platform

Unlike others, Paul Robson’s popularity didn’t come out of having a huge net worth or business success. Robson is given fame for his criminal record. Even though there are several people existing with the same exact name, his personal social media was not found.

It is sure that Paul might be hiding from the social limelight as his aim is not to become a celebrity or his exposure could cause his arrest. Likewise, his absence is not only limited to Instagram but also other popular social media like- Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. However, his criminal records might include all of his activity and his activity in crimes is assumed to be active since his first offence.

How Tall is Paul Robson ? Height and Weight of Repeated Criminal

The killer who is assumed to be violent seems to be tall. As mentioned, his personal information is not found in any sources but given that, the average height of a man is considered to be 5 feet 7 inches. He might be somewhere around it. There are not full pictures of this offender to even predict his height.

Likewise, information relating to his weight is also not available. If we look at his pictures, he seems to be thin. We do not have any full pictures of the guilty criminal to generalise his weight. However, we can say that he is bald and has a thin beard. Paul has a long goatee.

Interesting Facts on the Criminal : Know more about Paul Robson

Interesting Facts on the Criminal : Know more about Paul Robson
  • Robson was first imprisioned for murdering his previous girlfriend. He stated that he was over powered by anger when he commited this crime.
  • Later he was declared to be guilty by jury on the case of another assault. The victim was named as Caroline Kayll and was a teacher by profession.
  • Likwise, he had stabbed a 15-year old boy until the his last breath. In this case, it was realised that he was in relationship with Caroline.
  • Afterwards, Caroline was asked to pay him €29,000 out of a blackmail done by him