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Natacha Rodrigues is quite the woman. She’s very straightforward and says what she has to say without beating around the bush. She came to the limelight after Natacha made some revealed that Christiano Ronaldo and her had been lovers in the past. But the famous footballer dumped her. 

She’s great at making headlines, we have to give it that. Anyway, besides being Christiano’s ex-lover, Natacha is an individual person as well. Of course, she may have tried creating some storm between Christiano and his current girlfriend. And not to mention that Natacha is a reality TV star. Reality TV celebrities are a little too dramatic. That’s why, today, here’s everything you need to know about the so-called former lover of a famous footballer. 

In this article, we will learn Natacha Sofia Rodrigues’s bio, Instagram, Facebook, family, ex, boyfriend, children, height, and more. Let’s see how the model has spent her early days with her family down below. 

Natacha Rodrigues’s Bio, Age, Birthday, and Family

First of all, there’s not much known about Natacha’s life. As she has been private about most parts of her life despite being a reality TV persona. Likewise, rather than bio, most of the other articles focus on revealing the Natacha claims she and Christiano Ronaldo were lovers during his girlfriend’s pregnancy. 

Anyway, Natacha’s age as of 2021 is 31 years old. Likewise, she was born somewhere in Portugal but just like her exact birthday Natacha’s exact location of birth is unknown. Moreover, over the years, despite being a reality TV personality, her revelation about fling with Ronaldo gave her more exposure. 

Currently, there’s absolutely nothing known about Natacha’s early life and family. However, we are still looking into it. And as soon as we find more details on her family, siblings, parents, we will report them to you right away. So come back and check this space again in the future. 

As for Natacha’s nationality, she holds Portuguese nationality and her ethnicity is Black. 

Full NameNatacha Rodrigues
Age31 years old
Zodiac SignNA
ReligionRoman Catholic

Natacha Rodrigues’s Profession and Net Worth

Natacha Rodrigues’s Profession and Net Worth

According to many reports, Natacha is a reality tv star and also an aspiring model. She wants to make it big, but for some reason, she’s not getting where she wants her to be. Hence, many Christiano’s fans say that Rodrigues is just trying to get the fame she longs for. No one can say for sure if Natacha is really lying or telling the truth. 

Anyway, that’s all that’s known about Natacha’s profession. If there’s anything else in the future. Or if she makes her big break. We will inform you guys. 

As for her net worth and salary, there’s no information as of 2020. As mentioned above, it wasn’t her profession that made her famous. So, things about her personal life are still sealed. She had also been on a TV show named Love on Top in 2017. 

ProfessionTv Show Personality, and Model
Net WorthNA

Education and Academic Credentials

As mentioned earlier, there’s absolutely no news about most of Natacha’s life. Likewise, Natacha graduated her high school from a local school. As for which University she attended. And what did she graduate on, remains unknown. 

School NA High School
University NA University

Relationship and Children

Natacha Rodrigues's Relationship and Children

As mentioned above, Natacha was once in a relationship with a famous football player, Christiano Ronaldo. She says that one day she sent him a picture of his bottom.  And a video of herself twerking in her underwear, to which Christiano replied. She was flabbergasted at first but soon realized he was all in for her body. 

Slowly, the two of them started exchanging racy text messages. And Rodrigues says that she sent him tons of pictures of her bottom. He even told her that he loves “kissing bottoms.” Nonetheless, one day, Christiano gave Natacha the password to his apartment. Then they met there. Also, after meeting, they made small talk and Natcha took the lead from there. Furthermore, Natacha reveals that they then became intimate and had sex in the apartment. There was no room except for Christiano’s bedroom that they missed banging. 

More Info

Anyway, after some time, their sexual fling didn’t stop. And when Natach revealed to Christiano that she is about to go on a reality TV show. He asked her not to. But Natacha had already signed the papers and it was also a good source of income. Hence, she refused his deny and went on with the TV show anyway. 

Moving on, Natacha says that she tried contacting Ronaldo a lot but he never responded. After the filming stopped, she texted Rodrigues but then realized he had blocked her. Therefore, she said that she was heartbroken. When they were together she knew Christiano had a girlfriend. But apparently, he told her that he has never cheated on his girlfriend Georgia Rodrigues before. And she was the first one. However, after realizing that all Christiano did was use her for sex. Now she warns Georgia to keep an eye on him or she’ll get cheated on again. 

Marital StatusMarried
Sexuality Straight
Daughter Rose
Former Partner/ BoyfriendChristiano Ronaldo
Husband’s NameCire
Wedding DateNA

Body Measurements and Physical Appearance 

Natacha Rodrigues's Body Measurements and Physical Appearance 

There’s nothing known about Natacha’s body measurements and physical appearance. But, we are taking our time to look into Natacha’s height, weight, and body measurements. So, do come back and check this space again in the future for added information. 

Moving on, Natacha has black hair and black pair of eyes. She has a tattoo on her upper thighs.

But, Natacha’s body is proportionate and she is quite curvy. And as for her hair, it’s very straight and long. 

Height NA
Weight NA
Body Measurements (chest, waist, hip) NA
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Tattoo Upper Thighs

Awards and Achievements 

Natacha Rodrigues's Awards and Achievements 

Natacha doesn’t have any awards as of 2021. And we have no knowledge of her achievements. But we believe over the course of coming years. She will certainly achieve greater achievements and awards. 


Social Media Presence

Natacha Rodrigues's Social Media Presence
Instagram @natachasofiaoficial