Naseer Muttalif Survivor, Nationality, Family, Instagram, Partner, Height

Naseer Muttalif is a 37-year-old Srilankan, who is a project led by calling. He is one of many contestants of Survivor 41.

In Naseer’s spare time, he enjoys the opportunity to play cricket, cook, and travel as much as possible.

Muttalif works as a hotel manager in California, US.

His LinkedIn bio describes him as a “Strong sales professional with extensive experience in hospitality.”

Growing up, Naseer did not have the most straightforward life. Naseer was not able to use the Computer, Cell phone, and the internet till he was 18 years old. He himself taught him how to speak in English.


Similarly, he grew up in a mud cabin where there was no electricity and water supply.

Eventually, Naseer rose to the top of his current organization, from selling veggies in the city to negotiating multimillion-dollar transactions.

Naseer’s biggest dream was to be able to achieve the “American Dream.”

He says, “People will never know him that he was raised in a small village and didn’t have access to contemporary amenities or technology until he was well into his adult years.”

Likewise, he aims to build a modern and safer home for his mother in Sri Lanka.

Similarly, Naseer adores his mother as his mother sacrificed everything for her children. She worked as a housemaid in a foreign country where she was mistreated just to feed her children.

However, he describes himself as an ” Authentic, outgoing, and hardworking”

Naseer Muttalif’s Profile

Moving further, let’s dive right into Naseer’s profile.

NameNaseer Muttaliff
ProfessionHotel Manager
Height5 feet 6 inches (171 cm)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Body SizeUnknown
Eye ColorBlack
Hair TypeBald
Date of Birth21 July 1984
Age37 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
College and UniversityUniversity of British Columbia
Education QualificationMasters
DegreeInternational Hotel Management
EthnicitySouth Asian
Current AddressMorgan Hill, California, US
Hobbies Cricket, traveling, cooking
Marital StatusMarried
Past RelationshipUnknown
Spouse nameDiana Coons
Children A son and a Daughter
SiblingsA sister

Survivor: Naseer Muttalif

Moving Further, Let’s discuss Naseer’s involvement in Survivor.

Survivor premiered on TV in the mid-2000s on CBS. Similarly, The winner of the show is provided with a $1 million cash prize and a trophy.

Survivor aims to test the physical abilities of a contestant like swimming, running. The show also teaches you to fight for your own survival.

Naseer believes that he is a strong competitor as he is a unique and engaging personality.

Similarly, Muttaliff also feels that his tribe would want to keep him because he can provide, win challenges and keep them entertained.

Naseer Muttaliff has made sure that he is going to do whatever it takes to win. And for him winning the game is going to be the most important and beautiful achievement he will ever have in his life.

Likewise, he says, “I have unique life experiences that will help me to make it to the end.”

Naseer seems very confident and positive to be on the show and he is very positive that he is going to be the one to bring the trophy home. However, the only barrier in Naseer’s aim would be his barrier in language.

To know more about his conversation on Survivor, click here.

Naseer Muttalif’s Nationality

Just by hearing his name, we can conclude that he is an Asian.

Naseer holds Sri Lanka’s citizenship.

Even if Naseer lives in America he has Sri Lanka as his nationality. He is very fluent in his national language: Tamil and Sinhala.

Naseer Mutaliff’s Family

Naseer Mutaliff's Family

Muttaliff is a great family man. He has a divine love for his family.

He comes from a very poor family background. Growing up, his father was very sick. So, his mother was the one who looked after his family.

Similarly, just looking at his Instagram we can know that he has a great love for his family, as his feeds are filled with his wife and children.

Even though things were worse for Naseer, he never once thought he could not make it. He was so positive about his future that his hope made him multi-million sales for the company he is working for.

After having a good job, he supports his family as they did. He was even able to help his little sister’s kids’ education.

Now, he owns a big land in Sri Lanka and hopes to build a house for his mother.

Naseef Mutaliff’s Instagram

You can find Naseef Mutaliff on Instagram as @mutaliffnaseer.

Naseer currently has 665 followers and 70 posts. He follows 329 people from his Instagram account.

He is quite active in TikTok as well. And it’s really fun to watch.

Similarly, you can find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tiktok as:

FacebookNaseer Mutaliff
LinkedInNaseer Mutaliff
InstagramNaseer Mutaliff
TikTokNaseer Mutaliff

Naseer Mutaliff Partner

Naseer Mutaliff Partner

Naseer is happily married to his then-girlfriend. Her name is Diana Coons. They have two children together, A son and A daughter.

According to Naseer, his wife was the one who helped him get his driver’s license in Dubai at the age of 26.

You can tell by the couple’s social accounts that they seem to be very obsessed with each other.

Naseer Mutaliff’s Height

Being a South Asian person Naseer is 5 feet 6 inches tall, which seems to be normal among them.

Some facts about Naseer Mutaliff

  • Naseer’s biggest petpeeves is Laziness and people who don’t contribute to group efforts.
  • He is going to be in a tribe with fellow members Heather Aldret, Erika Casupanan, Deshawn Radden, Danny McCray and Sydney Segal.
  • Naseer believes that loyalty matters the most. So, when it comes to his game, he would only trust someone at the same level as they trust him.