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The transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas is reaching the height of popularity for her incredible talents. The professional swimmer is a college student and has made headlines for her performance that has broken records. The swimming style of the athlete is freestyle and is valued in this field for her talent.

Currently, she has exceeded in winning numerous records in her school. Earlier to becoming a woman, Lia was known as Will while she was a male. After three years of study at university, she went under transmission.

The majestic sportswoman is still in the shades as she hasn’t exclusively shared any personal details with the media. Moreover, there is not much information about her family or siblings. The major fact that gained so much attention for this particular swimmer was her gender transmission.

Firstly, in 2018, Lia Thomas realised that she was trans but didn’t go through the medical process as she assumed this transmission could affect her swimming career. If you would like to know more about this athlete, please continue to read the article.

Personal Details of Lia Thomas : Wiki her Profile

NameLia Thomas
NicknameLia Thomas
ProfessionSwimmer, Trans Swimmer
Height5 feet 8 Inches
WeightEstimated 75 Kgs
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Date of Birth1999
Age22 Years
Zodiac SignNot Known
SchoolLocal School of Texas
College and UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
Education QualificationNot Graduated
DegreeNot Known
AddressPhiladelphia, United States
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse/ Fiancee nameNot Applicable
Children nameNot Applicable
ParentsNot Known
SiblingsNot Known
PetNot Known
Net Worth$200 K

Early Childhood and Education: Bio of Swimmer Lia Thomas

Early Childhood and Education: Bio of Swimmer Lia Thomas

Unfortunately, the Ivy League swimmer hasn’t made it to be featured on the Wikipedia page. Given that, there is very little information about her past life. It is reported by the swimmer that she started to learn swimming when she was only five years old. Swimming has been a vital part of her life.

As per sources, she was born and raised in Texas as a man. However, we cannot say much about where she studied for her schooling. It is assumed that she studied in the local school of Texas and now, she is pursuing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, information about her parents is not available. Lia has remained silent when it comes to her family information. Some have predicted that Thomas has no other siblings than herself.

We will try to gather as much information as possible that is factual about her and evidential.

Swimming Career of Lia Thomas: Journey to Record-Breaking of Trans Swimmer

Swimming Career of Lia Thomas: Journey to Record-Breaking of Trans Swimmer

When it comes to her passion for swimming, it started when she was very young. It is to be noted that Lia went through the gender surgery only after 2019. Before all that, she was recognized as Will Thomas. While Lia is being popular for her skills in women’s competitions, Will didn’t make headlines for his skill in swimming.

It is to be considered that her wins after the transmission is controversial in this area. Some are in support of her incredible talents whereas some people believe that it is unfair to other women as Lia was born as a male and still has some physique of that of a man.

However, to talk about her successes, the swimmer has swum the fastest in the basis of time in the country and won three events. On the contrary, she wasn’t didn’t even meet the average timing when compared to the category of males. This reason has been the main fact for being against her support.

However, Lia wasn’t the only swimmer to have a gender transmission in between her programs but she remained the first to level championship after the surgery.

The Yale swimmer has supporters and critics all over the world who share common interests. In defence, Thomas has explained in her interview that she was unsure about her career in swimming and was confused if it could be continued if she ever went through the surgery.

How Tall is the Trans Swimmer, Lia Thomas: Weight and Height Explained

How Tall is the Trans Swimmer, Lia Thomas: Weight and Height Explained

It is very difficult to compare Lia’s height to the average height of American women. As she was born as a man, we cannot make the comparison between her height and the average women’s height. However, if we do compare, she is taller than the height of an American woman whereas, she meets the height of an average man if we categorize her into a men’s.

Given that, there is no reliable source that actually says what her height is but there are numerous predictions on the internet. As per some sources, Thomas is suspected to be around 5 feet 8 inches. The swimmer has an attractive height but as told it doesn’t seem fair to compare her height.

However, we do not have any information on her weight and body measurement. As the college student is an active swimmer, there is no doubt that she has maintained her physique but at a glance, she still has a physical appearance of that of men. As per the looks and considering her height, we can predict that she weighs almost 75 kgs.

Naturally, Lia seems to have naturally black hair and we can predict that she has dark brown eyes. We cannot provide her body measurements and there is no evidence of this by trustable sources.

Social Media Platform of Lia Thomas : Instagram Username

Social Media Platform of Lia Thomas : Instagram Username

Unfortunately, we cannot find the actual Instagram of Lia Thomas. However, most of the pages has tagged her to the username @liathias. We still want to focus that we don’t have any evidence for this account t be true. The profile picture of the account suggests that it is Lia Thomas but the clothes worn are that of a man.

It is to be noted that the account is confidential and we cannot view any of her posts. There are only five posts that she has shared so far and it is difficult to explain how active is she as we cannot view the post. Moreover, her interest to share on social media platforms is also not known due to privacy settings.

Likewise, she has slightly more than 305 followers and follows more users than those who follow her. The profile that she is following is almost 400. The bio of the Instagram profile however suggests that it is a legit account as it has mentioned Peen swim and Dives 2021.

Ranking of Lia Thomas : Success after Surgery in Swimming

Ranking of Lia Thomas : Success after Surgery in Swimming

Thompson has caused a huge controversy in this field and has led officials to step down in protest. After the transmission, the swimmer has broken many records and attracted a number of critics.

Some are claiming that she still has a physique of a man and some professionals are also suggesting that even though Thompson has been using blockers, she will be faster than a man as she was born as one. In one of her matches, she beat a competitor by 38 seconds and created a Penn record.

Likewise, there is a number of competitions where she has been beaten by huge differences in seconds. It has seemed unfair to tons of female swimmers who are working hard. It has not contradicted any rules of swimming and is still allowed to compete.

Some Facts on Trans Swimmer, Lia Thomas

Some Facts on Trans Swimmer, Lia Thomas
  • Thomas is a 22 – year old college swimmer. She recently went under through the gender surgery and transformed to a male. It was only 2021 , when she was eligible to participate in games.
  • Some of her supporters claim that Lia has worked for seventeen years to acheive what she has now whereas the her haters are dragging the issue of her being born as a men and the unfair practices.
  • Most of her supporters are from LGBT group where as people who share common interest in swimming are against this win.
  • Her swimming journey started when she was five years old.