Kim Ga-ram Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram, Family

Kim Ga Ram is the  South Korean female idol of LE SSERAFIM. She has recently come into hype after her debut and also because of her controversy.

Kim Ga Ram knew more as Garam. She is a music trainee from South Korea. She was born in 2005, 16th of November in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. Ga Ram’s name means river in Korean. 

Kim is a member of LE SSERAFIM. Kim Ga Ram dreamed of being an actress, she has a very cute and funny personality. During the cold days, Garam says that she prefers to wear a paddling jacket rather than a wool coat.

The refreshing and pure visual look of Kim Ga Ram has gathered quite a lot of attention from the public as well as some idols. They pledge to be her fans and support Kim Ga Ram. People are looking forward to Kim Ga Ram’s talent. 

Kim Ga Ram’s debut photos have a cute and refreshing image, people have been saying that she looks almost the same as her childhood look. She has grown up into a pretty girl with a visual that could make people in the street stop in their tracks to look at her. 

She usually spends her time watching YouTube. Whenever she packs her things she lacks an energy bar too. Her nickname is Otter, a jelly girl. she likes to dress up simple with an accessory to highlight.

Kim Ga Ram’s profile 

Kim Ga Ram's profile 
Image Source: Music Mundial

Before going any further let’s take a look at Kim Ga Ram’s profile.

Full name Kim Ga Ram
Common name Garam
Nickname Otter and Jelly girl
Gender Female
Date of birth 2005, 16th of November
Place of birth Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Day of birth Wednesday
Age 17 years old ( as of 2022)
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Nationality Korean
Religion Not available
Father name Not available
Mother name Not available
Siblings 2 ( One brother and one sister )
Brother name Not available
Sister name Not available
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital statusNot married
Relationship status Not available
Children None
Education qualification Studying high school
School name Seoul Performing Arts High School
Hobbies Watching Youtube
Profession Singer
Date of debutMay 2, 2022
Years active 2022
Agency Source music
AssociationLe SSERAFIM
Salary Under review
Source of income The Music Industry
Net worth $200k approx

Kim Ga Ram Age, Nationality,  Religion and Ethnicity 

Kim Ga Ram is 17 years old( as of 2022), she is from South Korea her nationality is Korean. Her ethnicity is Asian. We haven’t found any information about her Religion. We will update you as soon as we get the information about her religion.  

Kim Ga Ram’s Height, Weight, Body Measurement, and Appearance 

Kim Ga Ram's Height, Weight, Body Measurement, and Appearance 
Image Source: MEAWW

Kim Ga Ram’s height, weight, and appearance are so on. Unfortunately, we have found no information about the body measurement of Kim Ga Ram such as neck, chest, hips, waist, or shoe size Although we don’t have the information right now we will update you as soon as we get updated on the information.

Height 5 feet 7 inches ( i.e. 170 cm or 1.70m )
Weight 50 kg 
Body dimension ( i.e. her chest waist and hips size) Not available 
Hair color Black 
Eye color Black 
Shoe size Not available 
Dress size Not available 

Kim Ga Ram’s Family 

There isn’t much information about the parents of Kim Ga Ram. According to the information Kim Ga Ram has a brother and a sister.

The brother was born in 2015 younger than Kim Ga Ram and her sister was born in 2003 older than Kim Ga Ram.

Unfortunately, we have no information to share about the parents of Kim Ga Ram but will surely let you know after we get the information.

Kim Ga Ram’s Relationship, Boyfriend, and Children

 According to sources, there is no information about Kim Ga Ram’s boyfriend. Kim Ga Ram has just 

 Started her career and she is very busy with her life. We haven’t found her going out with anyone. Although we don’t have the information about Kim Ga Ram’s boyfriend we will let you know as we get the information.

Kim Ga Ram Educational Background 

Kim Ga Ram went to Seoul Gaebong Elementary school also Geonguk Elementary school and she went to middle school at Gyeongin Middle School. Currently, she is studying in the Department of Theater and cinema at Seoul Performing Arts High School, South Korea.

Kim Ga Ram’s Career 

In 2020 on the 5th of April, HYBE uploaded the introduction video of Kim Ga Ram and also Introduced her as the second member of Le SSERAFIM. 

Kim Ga Ram’s debut was scheduled on May 2nd, 2022  with the album Fearless, The concept title Black Patrol and Blue Chypre was released by Le SSERAFIM. 

Kim Ga Ram's Career 
Image Source: Lord Web

The concept photos are very different from the Kim Ga Ram visuals. Usually, Kim Ga Ram has a Refreshing and cute visual but In Black Petrol Kim Ga Ram is looking confident and bold as she poses on the race circuit.

In 2021 she made her appearance in ENHYPEN’s  “Drunk-Dazed” music video.

Kim Ga Ram’s Net Worth 

Kim Ga Ram’s Net worth is around $200k approx. Since she has just made her debut with her growing population and attention with her talent her Net worth will be increased more in the coming days. 

Kim Ga Ram  Gossips, Scandal, Controversy 

According to information, In 2018, on June 4 Kim Ga Ram was punished by the school violence countermeasures committee with 6 hours of special education according to article 17-1-5 of the act on the prevention of school violence.

Just before Kim Ga Ram debuted there were rumors circulating around and some people claiming to be her classmates said that Kim Ga Ram was a bully during middle school. She used to hit her junior if she wasn’t treated well. 

They also said that she texted and contacted them and threatened them not to say anything negative about her as she intended to be a prominent figure and work in the entertainment sector.

Kim Ga Ram  Gossips, Scandal, Controversy 
Image Source: KBIZoom

There were also rumors on the internet that Kim Ga Ram was charged for smoking and drinking while under the age of 21. 

It wasn’t just school bullying, some people accused her of bad-mouthing IVE sundae. Many conversations of her with her friends were shared as she slanders Won Young, and calls Miyawaki Sakura a monster.

One of the posts that came trending was like this: “She transferred schools because she hit her friend on the head with a brick and injured him. My friend’s sister is very close to Kim Ga Ram and I heard about it: “it’s from my friend”. 

Many photographs are related to rumors spread out on the internet. In one of the photos, there is a sexually explicit image in the background. 

On May 16, some picture of an official document of a school violence committee meeting with Kim Ga Ram as the perpetrator was released, was added with more evidence. 

Kim Ga Ram’s Social Media Presence 

Kim Ga Ram's Social Media Presence 
Image Source: Koreaboo

There isn’t a personal social media account of Kim Ga Ram right now. Her pictures and information are given by Le SSERAFIM’s public account. Although there isn’t her personal account right now we will let you know if we get her personal account.