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The billionaire Farhad Moshiri is a chairman of a Russian Holding company. Moshiri is based in Monaco and is identified as a British-Iranian businessman. Moreover, he is also a shareholder of USM where he is serving as a chairman. USM deals with metals, mining, telecoms, technology and internet sectors.

Besides his business ownership, he is also involved in owning an athlete group Everton which is a Premier League football club. The 66-year old business tycoon has already figured out his life and is living like a billionaire. Moshiri has been into the employment world as a manager for huge companies.

Mr Farhad was not only able to become a billionaire because of his employment but also because of his smart investments. If we are to look at his lifelong profile, we can easily figure out his filthy rich life was successful due to his investment portfolio.

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Brief Details on Farhad Moshiri: Wiki his Personal Details

Brief Details on Farhad Moshiri: Wiki his Personal Details
NameArdavan Farhad Moshiri
ProfessionBritish – Iranian Businessman, Chartered Accountant
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight75 Kgs
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorGrey
Date of Birth18 May 1955
Age66 Years
Zodiac SignTaurus
SchoolLocal High School
College and UniversityUniversity College London
Education QualificationGraduate
DegreeChartered Accountant
AddressMonaco, France
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse/ Fiancee nameNazanin Ansari
Children nameTwo Children
ParentsNot Known
SiblingsNot Known
PetNot Known
Net Worth$2.8 billion

Bio of Farhad Moshiri: Childhood Life and Education

Bio of Farhad Moshiri: Childhood Life and Education

Before jumping into the success of Moshiri, let’s set our time aside to learn about how he was brought up in this world. The billionaire was born in Iran but left the country before the revolution took place. After 1979, his father was appointed as a senior military judge whereas his mother was an owner of a huge publishing home in Iran.

There is no information if he had other siblings but it seems as his childhood didn’t seem much of a struggle as his parents were holding a reputable positions. Talking about his education, he graduated in economics and statistics from University College London. Later on, he went to be certified as a chartered accountant in the UK.

Moshiri started working on a professional level as early as his mid-20s’. Initially, he started to work at Ernst & Young and ended up working in Deloitte & Touche as a senior manager. After 1993, his work took him to a more professional designation of being a Chief Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of GNE Group plc and Europe Steel Limited respectively. Currently, he is serving as a Chairman of USM Holdings and has other huge investments in football clubs.

How Tall is the Billionaire? Height and Weight of Farhad Moshiri Explored

How Tall is the Billionaire? Height and Weight of Farhad Moshiri Explored

The billionaire who is already in his late 60s has made the best of his life. Even though the war in Ukraine has led to some financial troubles for Mr Farhad, he still strives to become a great businessman. If you look at his pictures, you might know that the businessman has a very decent height as any British man. There is no evidential data on his height, but we think he is almost 5 ft 10 inches.

The huge football supporter has a quite fit body. Moreover, he doesn’t even look like he is in his late 60s’. He has managed his nutritional diet and physical health to make himself look younger than he is. As mentioned earlier, we do not have the stats on his body yet, but we feel like he stands to be around 75 kgs given his magnificent height.

As he is old, Farhad flaunts his grey hair but prior to that, he might have had black hair. We don’t know what colour his eyes are or his body measurement. It is to be noted that the billionaire loves to have his face clean shaved.

Social Media Platforms of Chairman of USM: What is Farhad Moshiri’s Instagram Username?

Social Media Platforms of Chairman of USM: What is Farhad Moshiri's Instagram Username?

It might seem very unusual for the huge business icon to not be engaged in any social media platform but we couldn’t find any verified account. There are many usernames under his name on Instagram but we cannot assure him of his official account.

Likewise, we couldn’t track his Twitter account as well. There are some accounts having his name but we cannot identify if it’s him. Some accounts on Instagram have a decent number of followers but just a couple of posts. On some other accounts, there are a number of posts but fewer followers in comparison to his following.

It is to be noted that the major shareholder of Everton has been busy in his multiple engagements. Maybe he doesn’t have any time to share his life on social media and would rather engage physically with people who are close to him.

Relationship Status of Business Tycoon: Farhad Moshiri’s Wife and Family.

Relationship Status of Business Tycoon: Farhad Moshiri's Wife and Family.

It is obvious to expect a successful man about to be in his 70s’ a few years to be in a marital relationship. Meanwhile, to talk about Farhad being single. He used to be married to a journalist who was also from Iran. Moshiri and Nazanin Ansari used to be married but got divorced in 2015.

The reason behind their divorce hasn’t been exclusive yet but they share two children together. Likewise, there is no information on their children’s names but it seems as if they live with their mother. Nazanin is also a reckoned woman who has served as the president of the Foreign Press Association in London. She has been featured on Wikipedia as well.

Other than the fact, that the couple were married for 27 years, their love story is unknown. Besides them, Moshiri hasn’t shared much about his family. Even their parents’ names are not revealed yet. However, his father was trained as a pathologist who later worked as a senior military judge. Moshiri’s mother was the owner of Kayhan which was a leading publishing house and where his former wife used to work.

How much is the Billionaire’s Worth? Farhad Moshiri’s Net Worth and Involvement Identified.

How much is the Billionaire's Worth? Farhad Moshiri's Net Worth and Involvement Identified.

There is doubt in knowing that the British- Iranian businessman has an attractive net worth. As he was employed since a very young age and achieved to be on the board of directors of famous companies, he has gathered a ransom amount of money. As per Forbes, he stands to have a $2.8 billion net worth.

Let’s talk about how he was able to accumulate this money. By profession or education, he is an accountant who worked for huge companies as a manager. We can not exactly tell how much he earned at those companies but it was not where he became wealthy.

His money was able to be multiplied after he made an investment in several projects after his alliance with Usmanov. Moshiri has an investment in Russian mining, steel manufacturing, and wireless operators. In addition to this, he has stakes at Metalloinvest. However, he later sold his stake in Arsenal back to the billionaire Usmanov.

The self-made billionaire is currently the CEO of USM Holdings as well as the majority shareholder of Everton Football Club. Everton is a premier league football club and is one of the most reckoned clubs in the world.

Does the billionaire still own the Yacht? The impact of war in Ukraine costs Farhad Moshiri his Yacht.

Does the billionaire still own the Yacht? The impact of war in Ukraine costs Farhad Moshiri his Yacht.

Before you get confused, let’s know that the reason Moshiri has been in research again is due to the news relating to his yacht. It is to be clear that Moshiri never owned a Yacht. Maybe he had a bit of ownership of Dilbar but there is no proof of that.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has led to the seizure of Dilbar which is a 512-foot boat. The boat is worth $600 million and belonged to Alisher Usmanov. After that authorities in German seized the yacht due to his relationship with the President of Russia, and the government seized his assets. Along with this, Everton FC has also dropped sponsorship deals with him. Notedly, Moshiri is the major stakeholder of Everton.

Quick Facts on Farhad Moshiri

Quick Facts on Farhad Moshiri
  • Moshiri was born in Iran but his parents moved before the revolution.
  • Even though his parents were employed in a reputable positions, Farhad is a self-employed billionaire.
  • Moshiri was married to a journalist for 27 years and shares two children.
  • In spite of holding minority stakes in several projects, he is a major stakeholder at Everton Football Club.
  • The billionaire doesn’t have his own social media platform. He communicates through his business to send a message to the public.