Darcey Silva Net Worth, Husband, Parents, Plastic Surgery, Height, Instagram

Darcey Silva is someone who gets her heart broken again and again in 90 Day Fiance. But, she also decides to get her chest bigger every time. And, not to mention, that this woman is dramatic like all the other reality TV show contestants.

But, her overdramatic Melo is overthrown by her love for plastic surgery. However, it also doesn’t mean that Darcey is not a good person. And despite Darcey’s age and multiple heartbreaks. She is now in a loving relationship.

Anyway, in this article today, you will learn a lot about Darcey. Like her bio, net worth, husband, parents, plastic surgery, height, instagram, profession, and more.

Darcey Silva Has a Loving Boyfriend

Darcey Silva Has a Loving Boyfriend

Darcey has been in love with her now fiance and or boyfriend for quite a while now. However, not too long ago, Darcey gave back her engagement ring back to Georgi Rusev.

It’s just that Darcey was pissied that Georgi seemed to be still not divorced with his ex wife. And his ex wife is the one who broke it to her. As mentioned above, Darcey is a drama queen.

Recently, Darcey has started posting pictures with the hashtag single life. While poor Georgi shared a picture of Darcey and him with a loving caption not too long ago. With Darcey giving Georgi’s ring back and then uploading such pictures. She’s wanting to hint that they’ve broken up.

However, this couple is pretty much still together.

Relationship StatusEngaged
Sexuality Straight
Engagement DateSomewhere in July

Darcey Silva is a Businesswoman

Darcey Silva is a Businesswoman

What can Darcey not do? Talking about her profession, the first ting that comes is Darcey is a TV Personality. However, she is also a business woman. According to some insiders, Darcey owns a clothing and jewelry line with her sister Stacey Silva. The name of their fashion line is House of Eleven.

Moving on, Darcey is also a social media influencer. She was an aspiring influencer before coming to 90 Day Fiance. And thanks to the show, Darcey became a successful influencer. Moreover, she is also a producer, director, and musician (apparently.) Honestly, I don’t know why she calls herself that when she’s not really focused on an of these producing, or music. or direction. But, upon some research, we’ve got to know that Darcey has one movie to her credits. The name of the movie is White T.

Apart from all these. Darcey is currently starring in a spin off show from TLC. As simple as the name of the show is (Darcey & Stacey) that’s what the show literally does. Just revolve their time around these two twin sisters.

Profession TV Personality, Businesswoman, Influencer, Producer, Director, and Musician
Net Worth$2 million
Salary$1,000 per episode
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA

Net Worth

Talking about Darcey’s salary, it’s said that she earns about $1,000 from appearing in one TLC episode. Furthermore, reports has it that Darcey has a decent amount of net worth of $2 million. But, she likes to just spend it on plastic surgery.

However, it’s her chpice and I mean, you do you boo. Currently. she lives in Los Angeles, California. But she’s now in Turkey to do some pladstic surgery with her sister again. We’ll get inot that shortly

She’s a Player?

Darcey Silva is a Player?

In a recent episode, Georgi Ruserv spoke to Jesse Meester, Silva’s ex husband. He just wanted to learn some things but Jesse started talking bs about Darcey says Georgi.

Anyway, Jesse mentioned that Darcey is a chaotic person. She wouldn’t leave him alone and frequently checked on his phone for his exes.

Jesse said that Darcey was not trusting at all no matter how much he tried. And, it was later found out that she was actually two timing. Crazy right? Apparently, Darcey was dating Jesse and Tom Brooks, Darcey’s ex boyfriend as well. Both of the men had no idea they were getting cheate don.

But Georgi doesn’t want to believe if that’s true. He says that he feels stupid for trying to have a talk with one of Dracey’s exes.

Bio, Birthday, and Family

Darcey Silva's Bio, Birthday, and Family

Talking about Dracey’s birthday, she was born in 1974. Likewsie, Dracey celebrates her birthday every year on September 23rd. Making her a Libra. Also, Darcey was born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut, USA alongside her twin sister/ sibling Stacey Silva.

The name of her mothe ris Nancy Silva, and her father’s name is Mike SIlva. Moreover, Darceey also had a brother who sadly died from cancer way back in 1998. On the other hand, Darcey holds American nationality. And she belongs to mixed race and or ethnicity of West African and Portuguese roots. Also, Dracey follows Christianity religion.

Full NameDarcey Silva
MomNancy Silva
DadMike Silva
SiblingsStacey Silva
BirthdaySeptember 23
BirthplaceMiddletown, Connecticut, USA
Age24 years
EthnicityMixed (West African and Portuguese)
Zodiac SignLibra

Ex Lovers and Children

Darcey Silva's Ex Lovers and Children

Darcey got married to a man named Frank Bollock. however, it didn’t last and they got a divorce. The, she got married to Jesse Meester but that marrige too went down the drain just like her previous marrigae.

Furthermore, after that Darcey dated a man named Tom Brooks. But that relationship was toxic and fans are happy to see it come to an end. As of now in 2021, she has a boyfriend named Georgi Rusev. But we have no idea when will it go down the drain as well.

Also, Darcey has twi children from he previous marriage. Daughters named Aspen and Aniko.

Marital StatusDivorced
Sexuality Straight
Former BoyfriendTom Brooks
Former HusbandFrank Bollock
Jesse Meester

Botched Plastic Surgery

Darcey Silva's Botched Plastic Surgery

Recently, after having a surgery with Stacey in Turkey fans can’t believed how the doctors have butucherd their face. But the thing is, the girls love it.

But fans have been very unkind. I mean, yeah, they look a little too drastic. And before the surgery, Darcey looked so much more prettier. But, botched or not, if she likes the surgery, she likes it.

Furthermore, Darcey is quite a tall woman. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches, 1.70 meters tall. Moving on, about Darcey’s weight, is 60 kg, 132.2 lbs.As for Darcey’s body measurements, her chest is 40 inches, waist id 33 inches, and hip is 38 inches.

Likewsie, Dracey’s ahir color originally is brown. However, she alsways keeps it blonde. And, Dracey’s eye color is brown as well. But, she wears blue contacts most of the times.

Height  5 ft and 7 in, 1.70 m
Weight  60 kg, 132.2 lbs
Body Measurements (chest, waist, hip) 40, 33, 38
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown- Original
Tattoo NA

 Social Media Presence

Darcey Silva's Social Media Presence
Instagram darceysilva
FacebookDarcey Silva