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Danny Hodgson is a soccer player in Perth but was originally from Cumbria. As per reports, he belonged to Cleator Moor before he moved to Australia. Currently, the news is widely spread about the incident. As Danny was rising to become a footballer, there is not much information about him.

Hodgson is a 26-year-old man who has been admitted to Sir Charles Gaidner Hospital for months. The player had to undergo surgery after a teenage boy punched him hard enough to knock him on the concrete floor. As per the media, he is suffering brain injuries serious enough to drive him to a coma.

In the meantime, he was playing from ECU Joondalup Club but Danny never made it to become famous until this recent incident. Given that, experts are unsure if he will be able to continue playing sports after having his skull detached.

If you want to know more about the brave athlete who is struggling for his life, please continue to read this article.

Personal Bio of Danny Hodgson: Wiki his Details

Personal Bio of Danny Hodgson: Wiki his Details
NameDanny Hodgson
NicknameDanny Hodgson
ProfessionAustralian Soccer Player
HeightEstimated 6 Feet
WeightEstimated 75 Kgs
Body SizeNot Known
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Date of Birth19 September 1995
Age26 Years
Zodiac SignVirgo
SchoolHigh School in Cumbria
College and UniversityEdith Cowan University Joondalup Campus
Education QualificationNot Known
DegreeNot Known
AddressPerth, Australia
Marital StatusIn a Relationship
Spouse/ Partner nameJessica Louise Pollock
Children nameNot Applicable
ParentsPeter Hodgson and Nicola Hodgson
SiblingsAbby Hodgson and Joe Hodgson
PetLuna (Dog)
Net WorthNot Known

Who is Danny Hodgson? Bio of a Soccer Player

Who is Danny Hodgson? Bio of a Soccer Player

As mentioned earlier, Hodgson wasn’t a sports celebrity; there isn’t enough information about him. Danny was a sports enthusiast who was playing for WCU Joondalup Club in Perth, Australia. Originally, Hodgson was from the United Kingdom.

It seems as if the soccer player has two other siblings and are residing in their hometown in the UK. Danny has moved the world with his bravery and his struggle.

As said earlier that there is not much data on him, it is difficult to figure out his lifestyle before the incident but if you would like to know about him now, there has been good news regarding his health status.

The rising star had gone through four brain surgery and is now going to therapy providing a sign of recovery. Even though no one is sure if he would be able to play soccer again, everyone is wishing for his better health and recovery.

Danny Hodgson as a Football Player: Club and College

Danny Hodgson as a Football Player: Club and College

It seems as if Hodgson moved to Australia to pursue his love for football and for further studies. He is said to be playing from Joondalup Club which is a campus affiliated with Edith Cowan University. Well, there are no details as to what he was studying but the mid-twenties man was admitted to this university.

Reportedly, Hodgson was in the train station in the early morning when he was punched by a stranger that left him to fight for life in hospital. The incident took place in September 2021 and has shown signs of recovery on March 2022. Since his admission to the hospital, he has gone through different surgery and was in a coma for weeks.

ECU Joondalup Soccer Club has shown love and support to him and his family since the incident. There is not much known about which position he used to play but the love he has got shows how important he is to the club. Popular players including Christiano Ronaldo has shown their concern for his health.

Unfortunately, even though he is going to rehab, it cannot be assured if he will be able to play soccer again in his life. All well-wishers are praying for him to continue his love for football and for his normal healthy life.

During his operation, his girlfriend and his family have shown him full support. According to his mother, he had to be taught like a newborn baby when he undergo surgery.

How Tall is Danny Hodgson ? Height and Weight of the Brave Soccer Player

How Tall is Danny Hodgson ? Height and Weight of the Brave Soccer Player

Unfortunately, there is no information on his height but looking at his pictures, he seems to have an average height. It is estimated that Danny is 6 feet tall given that he is also a soccer player.

To talk about his weight, it might have fluctuated since his operations and surgery but if we look at his earlier picture, he seems to be fit. Hodgson is also an athlete and his physique seems in good shape. It can be noticed that he has great biceps and is suspected to be around 75 kgs.

The player loves to have his beard and moustache and has blonde hair naturally. At a glance, we can notice that he has brown eyes but we cannot be certain about this fact as there is no valid information about it.

Instagram Account of Danny Hodgson : Social Media Platforms

Instagram Account of Danny Hodgson : Social Media Platforms

It is quite unfortunate to inform you that the account of the athlete is kept in private. Given that, he is not verified on Instagram nor has tons of followers. However, he seems to be active during his healthy days. Presently, Danny has 208 posts and over 1.7k followers on his account. You can find him at @dannnyy7

The updates on the health of the sportsman are done by his girlfriend. Jessica Louise Pollock who is a partner of the soccer player has helped his followers to share the good news about him.

Earlier in November 2021, she shared a picture of Fiona Stanley Hospital where Danny was sent for rehabilitation. Since then the family have celebrated Christmas but not much is known about his current situation. Likewise, his sister also keeps on posting about his health and shows her gratitude to all who helped the family.

Net Worth of Danny Hodgson? Earnings and Income

Net Worth of Danny Hodgson? Earnings and Income

Looking at his family and friends’ posts, it doesn’t seem like Danny had much. During his surgery, his close people were raising funds for the surgery. As much as we know, Hodgson was living in Australia apart from his family with his girlfriend in Perth.

He was playing from Edith Cowan University and belonged to one of the clubs. No supporting news has been published regarding his contract value or his football status. From what we know, he might be a senior there.

From the pictures from her girlfriend’s Instagram, they seem to live in a simple apartment. There are no other posts supporting how wealthy they are.

Family Details of Danny Hodgson? Siblings, Girlfriend, Parents Explored

Family Details of Danny Hodgson? Siblings, Girlfriend, Parents Explored

The Australia based soccer player grew up in Cleator Moor in Cumbria. Hudson is believed to move to Perth to pursue his love for soccer. He was born to Nicola Hodgson and Peter Hodgson. The athlete seems to be the eldest son of the family.

Everyone in their family is residing in Cumbria except him but since his hospitalization, all the family members are living together as seen in their Christmas photo. Danny has other two siblings, one brother and one sister.

To talk about his relationship, their love story has brought many to tears. The couple has been together for five years and Jessica has stood by him during his hard days in the hospital. The story between them is unknown but hopefully, Danny will soon share the world about it after his complete recovery.

Some Facts on Danny Hodgson

Some Facts on Danny Hodgson
  • Orginally, Danny was from England but moved to Australia.
  • Hodgson belong to ECU Joondalup club of Western Australia.
  • The soccer player and his girlfriend, Jessica has been in relationship for five years.
  • Danny has been going to rehabiliation for his complete recovery and has survived four brain surgery.
  • The 17 year old teenager who punched him at train station has been jailed for his crime and is sentenced for three years and eight months.
  • Unfortunately, it is said that he will not be able to continue playing soccer.